1. onlysublime's Avatar
    While I do think Baconit is pretty good, it's got some glaring flaws (unless I'm doing something wrong). A huge one is if someone posts a thread with text (not a link, not a video, but just a paragraph of thoughts), it will only show a small part of it. I can't figure out any way to view the whole body of text.

    This is where I think ReddHub on Windows 8 is superior (though if someone knows a better reddit app for Windows 8, I'd like to try), and I was hoping for ReddHub for WP8 but I don't think there is one.
    10-16-2013 03:47 AM
  2. nocial's Avatar
    You can use the mobile version. Http://i.reddit.com
    10-16-2013 04:46 AM
  3. maks327's Avatar
    You can see all of the text by just double tapping on the text. It'll open up a bigger window that's easily scrollable. I don't know of a better app, but I have no complaints at all with Baconit.
    xandros9 likes this.
    10-16-2013 07:38 AM
  4. tgp's Avatar
    It's the best one I've found, in my opinion at least.
    10-16-2013 07:53 AM
  5. Jaskys's Avatar
    It's the best, for ME.
    10-16-2013 08:00 AM
  6. amitnahar's Avatar
    Its best for me atleast. But if you want something more polished you can try Baconography. Further Readit is also releasing by the end of this month.
    10-16-2013 01:53 PM
  7. onlysublime's Avatar
    thanks for all the tips, guys! very much appreciated!
    10-16-2013 05:56 PM
  8. freshairr's Avatar
    I use Baconography as it works best for me and is similar to how I use Reddit on my Android.

    Readit seems nice as well but is in beta.
    10-16-2013 06:16 PM

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