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    So, originally I believed Microsoft would surprise us with Windows Phone 8.1 on the Windows 8.1 release. Since that's not the case, here are my top features in Windows 8.1 I want on my Windows Phone too:

    - "Make available offline" for Skydrive.
    It actually makes more sense for phones than for tablets. If I have a PC or a Surface with 128GB, there is no reason to not have all Skydrive files available offline. But when I have my picture library on Skydrive, and I'm visiting my grandma (who doesn't have WiFi), I want to sync the photos of my holiday at home trip to show them to her later.

    - Syncing for Internet Explorer.
    We need passwort, history, bookmarks, tab sync for IE. Entering passwords on a phone is always a pain, and opening a page you previously opened on your PC/tablet is very often.

    - Bing smart search.
    Come on Microsoft. Give that search button a reason to exist. If I just want to bing, I can open IE and type. But universal search, in apps, the store, office files, skydrive, music, bing, Wikipedia, bing image, bing maps would make that search button really useful. At the moment its just a button I press by mistake when playing Temple Run.

    - Week view for calendar.
    Same here, it makes more sense for phones. On a PC or tablet there is enough room for a month view. But on a phone not. In the current month view, instead of real appointments, only "Lorem ipsum dolet" is shown. So the only option is the agenda view, which sucks for having an overview on how many days it is till your next appointment and at what week days they are. So please bring a fully featured week view to WP.

    - Swipe down for camera.
    Nothing else to say, on a phone you need the camera far more often than on a tablet/PC.

    - Groups.
    Or some kind of folders for tiles. Let us create hubs like the games hub by ourself, so we can sort in all news apps for example, with live tiles of course.

    - New apps.
    The controls of the alarm app are pretty nice, and how can a tablet have a stopwatch preinstalled, but a phone not?!!! Same with the audiorecorder. The reading list would be nice too, if it syncs with Skydrive. Also the new Bing apps.

    - Miracast support.

    What do you think? Anything to add? Please let me know :)
    10-18-2013 09:27 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Please see this thread for suggestions about features that would improve Windows Phone.
    10-18-2013 10:39 PM

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