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    I have been a great fan of WP and recently I noticed a big flaw in its security, and that is the Recovery options.
    It is a fact that once you forget your lock code, the only way you can use your phone again is by hard resetting the device, thereby losing all the timed free apps and other stuff.
    So I thought that maybe we could suggest MS to implement some recovery options to the device, and one of it is that, by using the same website we use to track or ring or erase our WP,
    we may reset our passcode, and so the new passcode is sent to your phone via SMS or Push and we could use it to get through the lockscreen.
    I have put up a petition in uservoice and if we could gather some significant votes, we may have it in WP8.1, here's the link:
    Allow use of MS ID to bypass the lockscreen in case of a forgotten PIN. €“ Feature Suggestions for Windows Phone

    Thanks and regards
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    Isnt it switching automatically to 2G because it loses all of the 3g Signals?
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    10-19-2013 04:47 AM

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