1. Sahil Kukreja1's Avatar
    hello guys
    now my take on ms windows phone os
    i am using my lumia 820 for over 6months now
    the first thing : where are the apps
    okay many apps are rolling out on our os but what about their release delays!
    i have been reading all the posts over gameloft`s 15 games to be released on our os soon , but when - d answer is : nobody knows!
    :P as if nobody cares
    then if you dare to ask microsoft ears , the response you get is contact the developers of apps,you want !
    wtf - seriously guys , if we need our voices to be heard by 3rd party devs , den y d f we r not making our own os`
    do nokia cares its customers
    now here `s some positive - dey do , but dey dont actually owe d os!
    so e1 if dey r doing enough to keep dere users happy , ms is simply doing it in other direction
    sorry but i am not sure about 3rd party developers!
    dont know wat stops dem fom making apps for us
    may b d c++ or the flash support , less market share - still not sure!

    now here`s a general survey
    how many apps are you using currently?
    how many apps you still want ?
    whats your experience with apps and games on os?
    games like subway surfer , asphalt , flash poool 8 ball etc you want?
    what`s ur review on ms devs?
    10-22-2013 11:39 AM

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