1. vedichymn's Avatar
    I broke the screen on my Lumia 920 and picked up a 520 to use as a temporary phone while I figured out what to do. Well, weeks later I ended up deciding to repair my 920, and I just moved my SIM back to the 920. I reset both the 520 and 920, and restored the 920 from my last backup. Both are signed in with the same live account.

    When I fired up the 520 (was planning on using it as a dedicated music player), I noticed it managed to sync down all of my text messages, despite the fact that it has no SIM and I chose to set it up as a new phone. Deleting text message conversations on that device seems to delete them from my 920 as well.

    How do I get this behavior to stop? I don't want any messaging on the 520, and the fact that it can delete messages on the 920 isn't good either.
    10-29-2013 11:57 AM
  2. luk3ja's Avatar
    You have to turn off text message back up on the 520 and hopefully that will stop the 520 syncing them but you are using the same Microsoft account on both, it is designed to what it is doing
    10-29-2013 12:14 PM

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