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    Firstly, Before start all this discussion, I have to say, specially to the fanboys, that I belong to Windows Phone community, and always I will be here. But I have to discuss here it, because I feel necessary..

    My story with Windows Phone, started with a Lumia 710, passing to Lumia 800 and then after a Lumia 520. Since that day, It was a case of love. I always loved and still so, the UI, how the system is, how nicely is the apps, smoothness and charm. After that touch, I become an evangelist, my sister bought a lumia 920, my cousin a 620, my friends 720 and etc. My last phone was lumia 520, since I was having money problems. What such amazing phone, even on budget price.

    Today, I will exchange my phone to new Nexus 5, despite ao my love to Microsoft's ecosystem. But Why?

    Here the reasons (and yet fanboys, please avoid trolling):

    Unfortunately I need for my work (good work right now) a Phone that support VPN.
    I also need a phone that offer proper notifications in all my sociais, since I will advertise on social networks my work. It is hard, but even now, I can't get nice notifications from facebook. MS improved a lot since my early days, the facebook app, but yet is far from good. Only Twitter and Whatsapp was working properly.
    Since I need for job, I need notifications, specially the extended ones from google, to decide if I must answer or not the e-mail by a simple resume on notification screen. In business this helps a lot.
    Yes, Microsoft offer Office for us. But in other hand Google offered to me Quickoffice. Yet, I use a lot of pdf, and to send more than one attached on e-mail is impossible.
    I can't send videos, presentations that I saved on my phone library. This is the worst for me, because people need fast way to see, and uploading to skydrive and send the links is not good as to send by using whatsapp and now BBM.
    Yes, BBM is another reason, BBM allthough has so few features yet, for work is nice, because is incredibily fast. I hope BBM arrives on android. But once again, if no access to my video library or files, it is useless for me.
    Independent volumes is for me necessary, since I need to hear some notifications louder and others just to vibrate. t

    About apps: This is the most interesting thing, I didn't miss apps on WP8. On WP7.8 yes. But, most of the Windows Phone developers are so nice, so incredibly good, that most of the missed apps we have third party offering better (read: Rudy Huyn apps, Phonly and etc.). And new apps is arriving, like Instagram, Vine (Althought we have better 3rd party options) and even Flipboard that is really useful.

    Like I said it is a saddest day. And OK, I know there is huge difference between a 520 to a Nexus 5. But even If I upgrade to Lumia 920 (refurbished one to match the price), I will miss all these features and I need it.

    I really hope MS could at least says what we will get on 8.1 but they never talks properly about what we will receive (the only that I know is vpn support), only rumours and yet too far (Since I expect it until the middle of the next year).

    I don't argue that MS is doing everything right now to offer the best balance of software and hardware. The GDR3 is nice. But I have to say, there is a long path, mainly because MS restarted the software from the legacy devices to now.

    Google in other hand is offering on Nexus line and Kit Kat, a mature experience, less ram consume, more features, more APIs to devs. But I know, still is not smooth like my sister 920. But I wonder if MS implement all these API's on WP8.1 maybe it will slower the system. I don't know and I am not supposed to discuss it.

    Next year, maybe I can find on Windows Phone that fullfil all these gaps and cheap (like a nexus hehe), but until now, even if more than 100 bucks spent on apps on Marketplace, my special contact with some of them along these years, and my admiration to the system, I will have to move to Nexus 5.

    My best wishes...for everybody...
    11-01-2013 08:12 AM
  2. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    11-01-2013 08:17 AM

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