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    If I take a series of pictures and reset my phone using the sleep & volume down button any new pictures that I took are no longer in my camera roll. I have used the Nokia Smart & Pro camera as well as the built in one all with the same result.

    This is what happens;
    I took several pictures of my son yesterday and my wife this morning. All the pictures were gone after a did a soft reset this morning (I always have to do that because if I don't after my son plays his ELMO call app the batter will for some reason just drain like crazy). I went to go look at the pictures I took when I got to work and none of them were there. Lukily they did back up to skydrive (Thank god for that). I tested out several other camera apps the nokia ones and others and the same thing happened after a reset. The pictures saved to skydrive but were no where to be found in my regular cameral roll. This is a real scary thing that is happening and any help would be appreciated.

    THANK YOU!!!
    Note: I am on a lumia 920 GDR3 downloaded through the Microsoft developer preview program.
    11-03-2013 04:10 PM
  2. Goku1982jason's Avatar
    Update... I restored my phone by resetting to factory setting and it still does this. Bad memory maybe??
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    11-03-2013 04:52 PM

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