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    Hi World

    I'm from Iran and I have an Android device, in Whatsapp I can download images & videos through WiFi normally without any need to a proxy or VPN
    But I can't do the same with Windows Phone 8 ?! I don't know why ?!

    in other thread the member "thepestilence" provided a fix for this issue as following

    1- go to that website, scroll down, and ull see all these countries with proxy details.
    2- u can pick a country from the proxy box on the left, for eg. choose UAE, and press "update results", and it should give u exclusive UAE proxies(meaning ur device will think ur in the UAE).
    3- uninstall whatsapp if u already have it...
    4- go to settings and and turn the location setting off.
    5- go to cellular, and turn data connection off as well.
    6- restart the phone....
    7- go to phone settings and press on wifi...choose whatever wifi ur using...once it says connected, press on it, turn proxy option on.
    8- input the ip address in the server/url space provided, along with the port number....in the port space... that u have gotten from the website in the spaces provided.
    9- test that ur wifi is working fine. if not, try a different choice from the list at the website.
    10- download whatsapp, input ur number and it should work fine.
    11- If UAE doesnt work for u, choose a different country and try their proxies...mine worked the 3rd time i tried it.

    hope this helps. if it's still confusing, i could upload some screen shots, might make it easier.

    As you may know using the proxy will slow down the internet connection which it is already slow, so I want to know why this issue exist in Iran & Sudan and other middle east countries with Windows Phone 8 and it is working fine in other OSes like Android & if there is another solution for this issue ?
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    I am also facing facing the same problem, I'm from Sudan and currently reside in Khartoum. I first had issues verifying my whatsapp account, but followed the method posted by "thepestilence" (the one you just quoted) and it worked.

    However, the most annoying problem i'm facing now is downloading/uploading media (photos, videos, etc). I can't download or upload photos or videos sent to me. Now, I tried to contact whatsapp support and it was a waste of time, those guys are completely clueless... I felt like they didn't know what they were talking about, they simply copy paste text from their FAQ page and call it a day. However, I noticed that when I uninstall and re-install whatsapp, it temporarily fixes the download/upload problem. But after a day or two, its back again. Many people think it is an internet connection problem but it isn't. In a similar fashion, there is an audio/music stream API that opens up when whtasapp runs, this drains battery life quicker than a vampire sucks jucie out of a victim...I heard that an update back in July fixed this issue, but it hasn't.

    What nokia phone do you have?

    I'm on a Samsung ATIV S running Windows Phone 8, GDR 2.

    Perhaps we can try to resolve this issue together.
    12-08-2013 07:24 AM
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    04-06-2014 02:47 PM

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