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    Having read hundreds of comments on wpcentral, I'm certain about one thing. A lot of us want better ads for Windows Phone and Lumia.
    Here are my ideas.

    1. Shut up and take my money (details below)
    2. A person goes to the store for a Lumia or any other WP. The store guy tries to dissuade the customer. The customer counters all the points. Get's pissed off, drops ten dollars on the store guy's face and says "Shut up and give me the Lumia."
    3. Take a poor picture with another smart phone. Fling the phone away, run to a Lumia store buy one and take the same picture and it turns out perfect.
    4. A person takes an awful video of an important moment (wedding, school play....) The person complains, another person introduces the Lumia, takes the shot again and its perfect.
    5. Photo sharing site for Lumias (details below)

    1. Capture your precious moment - Lumia. (Travel, everyday memories).
    2. For great youtube videos, use a Lumia.

    I hope someone makes a couple of videos using these ideas.

    Would you buy a Lamborghini and lock it up in your garage?
    Would you use your smartphone only when you are alone?
    Then why for god sakes are Lumia 1020 pictures only stored in phones?

    FACT: Instagram, Facebook and other photo sharing sites can't handle L1020 and L1320! This might be the best advert idea so far.
    SOLUTION: A photo sharing site dedicated for owners of the above devices.

    • People upload awesome mega pixel pix to show off.
    • Server resizes pics for casual browsing via browser.
    • Link to full size image present.
    • Automatic sharing to Facebook, Insta, Twitter and the rest.
    • Awards (achievements, badges...) to best pix for the day, week...
    • Sozoom like feature
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    12-04-2013 04:37 PM
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    Are you going to make a video? I'd be interested to see something you made.
    12-04-2013 11:07 PM
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    Interesting ideas. I like what you've suggested, but if it was me (and I'm certainly no advertising guru), I would like to see more ads based on key features of the OS itself. I have seen several ads from Nokia which focus on the camera quality of various Lumias, and that's great, but I think more needs to be done to show off the OS. If the camera is not vital to somebody, why would they want to buy a Windows Phone, what does it do different or better than Android for example?

    I still would mention the camera quality, definitely. However, I think showing off some of the features of Windows Phone itself would help a lot, including how it syncs and goes together nicely with Windows 8.1. Examples of what they could show:
    The SkyDrive integration - Show a superb quality picture taken on a Lumia, then it being auto uploaded to SkyDrive, then, them showing a Windows 8 tablet (free plug for the W8 tablets), and it appearing on that and they start editing it with a stylus on the tablet.
    Make appointments in the Calendar on the phone, then whilst out and about, they could show they are synced on a 2520 tablet and add further details onto the appointment
    Show off the Office hub - Create a spreadsheet or OneNote notebook for example on your home PC at night and then the next day showing a Lumia checking the details of this and then editing it on their phone or tablet
    Drive through inner city London, Paris etc with Nokia Drive and show that it does real-time traffic conditions

    These kind of things anyway. People who are on Android, iOS or still have a non-smartphone, may not know of even some of the basic features WP can offer. Yes, this is more to do with the OS itself, not specific to Lumia's individual strong points like the camera, but MS is Nokia in a way now in this business, so I'd like to see more of the core features shown off. It's time to just shove the strong points of the OS into peoples thoughts. Show them the features they are missing out on when owning another brand of phone :)
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    12-05-2013 04:45 AM
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    I would like to see more ads based on key features of the OS itself.
    I thought of another one video idea earlier today before reading your comment. It addresses the features concern.

    I call it "shut up and take my money." I've noticed the phrase "shut up and take my money" many times in the blog section.

    The video would feature a person going to the store and asks about a phone. The store guy starts to show select features of WP. The store guy would highlight a few key features and the customer would be like. "I want it now." The store guy would be engrossed in the features and would still want to keep talking. The customer would use then use the catch phrase....

    You get the idea. I think I like this one best. What do you think?
    12-05-2013 11:20 AM
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    I forgot to ad, the "shut up and take my money" video should be a series. Each video series should focus on a few key areas.
    Theoretically, the idea should work. This is because:
    1. Viewers would imagine themselves buying it.
    2. Would be educated in a fun way about WP features.
    3. Know that people are actually buying WP.
    12-05-2013 11:23 AM
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    Would like to but I don't have the skills neccessary to make the videos. Hence, I've posted them for Nokia or any fan with the video making skills...
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    12-05-2013 11:24 AM

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