1. BobLobIaw's Avatar
    I have a Lumia 920 and am thinking of adding a line to my ATT account. I thought the 1520 might be a good supplemental phone to have due to the larger screen, but I am also considering the 1020 to have the killer camera and similar portability. I know this is primarily a personal preference issue, but I am specifically seeking advice from those that have two phones and what their experience has been because it will be a new thing for me. Thank you!
    12-10-2013 04:16 PM
  2. mase123987's Avatar
    While I have neither, I would consider this: if you have the 1020, there really isn't any reason to keep the 920. While there are some small spec differences, they are mostly the same phone besides the camera.
    12-10-2013 08:21 PM
  3. Morpheus Phreak's Avatar
    While the camera isn't 100% as awesome as the camera in the 1020 it's pretty close, and the 1520 is a monster when it comes to the hardware inside of it compared to the 1020. It's a lot more future proof from a performance standpoint...a lot more future proof.

    BTW your name is reminding me of Bob Loblaw's Law Blog
    12-10-2013 10:05 PM
  4. BobLobIaw's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies--good points. I am leaning toward the 1520, so I didn't make a play for the 1020 this morning on the Microsoft deal.
    12-11-2013 12:46 PM

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