1. cyberpedz's Avatar
    Hi all so i have just got a lumia 1020. I currently use google play music as my music service but was thinking of switching to xbox music. I am on a trial at the mo and can not figure a way to download a whole album to my phone for offline listening. On my phone i can select to download tracks but not whole albums am i missing something?
    12-11-2013 08:53 AM
  2. ChristianKing's Avatar
    Depending on the album, when you click on the album cover a link to download or purchase will be shown. If purchase is the only link shown and you'd rather simply download each track instead, You have to play the individual tracks then select the three dot menu button and manually download each track. In windows phone 7 the option to download the entire album was the default. In windows phone 8 the option to purchase is usually the default. Its annoying to manually download each track but the system queues each track so once you click download you can quickly switch to the next tract and press download.
    12-11-2013 09:01 AM

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