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    hi there,

    i have a question regarding xbox music and cover art, more specifically on how to assign cover art to a single track of an album.

    i do happen to have 2 albums on my phone that contain a unique cover art for each individual song. One is an actual album from a band called pornophonique, the other one is a pseudo album that i named "mashups" which contains about 80 mashups downloaded from soundcloud. Since the tracks do not actually belong to an album (but i dont want them to be scaterred in my music collection) each song contains its own album art.

    At the moment I tried using a windows tool called mp3tag to embed the cover art in each individual mp3 file, but it only shows a single cover art for all the songs (nott even the one from the first entry, but one from somewhere inbetween)

    Is it even possible to have it set up how I want it? if so, how would I need to do this?

    sent from my MK808
    12-17-2013 01:38 PM

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