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    I know We win phone user's cannot wait For our Version of Siri named Cortana (I hope they keep the name, maybe that is because I am a big Halo fan). There is a rumor saying she will unlock the phone when you talk to her. They say the Moto x already has this feature, They say the moto x has a snapdragon 800 which can handle this feature, Cause the feature is a battery power drainer. I wonder how Microsoft will try to not power drain the older win 8 phones, because I like some have an older win 8 phone (HTC Win 8X) which has a snapdragon S4 which is an older chip. I think those older phones may not get that feature, or Microsoft may set up some software to alleviate the power drain on the battery. What do you guys think cause according to Microsoft Win phone 8 has update support till 5 years from the time of phone activation.
    12-17-2013 03:46 PM
  2. hopmedic's Avatar
    Microsoft has promised "support" for WP8 devices for 36 months. This does not necessarily mean "update" support. To me, that means that they will provide security support for 36 months, not necessarily updates to the next version of the OS.

    Given your five year assumption, which is incorrect, consider that by next year there will likely be features available in the software that the current hardware does not support. Advancements are made far too rapidly to expect a five year old device to get updated to the same level as what is current. This is just a fact of life in technology.

    That said, there's probably nothing coming in the immediate future that most, if not all, of the WP8 devices can do (there are still limitations that lower end devices have that disable them from using certain apps, features, etc.). I have no reason to doubt that Cortana will come to most, if not all, WP8 devices currently in circulation. What she is able to do, though, may be dependent upon hardware.
    12-18-2013 11:20 AM

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