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    From what I understand Microsoft was/is of the opinion that handheld gaming is moving towards mobile as opposed to committed handheld consoles. While iOS is doing very well in building a great gaming library, the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita are far from dead, especially the 3DS.

    It's also no secret that Xbox Live integration of Windows Phone and Windows 8.x/RT games is a precarious matter. That said, I am wondering how or why Microsoft isn't taking a page out of Nintendo or even Sony's playbook in strengthening the WP XBL gaming library through its own first party titles. You're at the stage where you're poised to sell tens of millions of Windows Phones a year, you can't sit on 1 or 2 marquee gaming titles! The 3DS is loaded: Pokémon X/Y, Mario and Zelda!

    In addition to venerable classics (i.e. Halo and Forza), Microsoft should push a continuous stream of first party titles of various genres and tastes to Windows Phone/8.x. Get worldwide help, e.g. gaming studios from Japan, Canada, US, UK, Europe, etc. Try winning over exclusive titles from well known players, e.g. Ubisoft, Konami and Square Enix, etc. Feel free to offer a healthy mix of games, i.e. casual mobile games all the way through full featured titles, be it brand new OR revitalized oldies.

    The goal should be to have a distinct gaming library, a library of games people will like and will have to gravitate towards readily available Microsoft products in order to play. Integral to this should be the integration of the Xbox 360 or One gamepad with Windows Phone. Perhaps take a page from Vita and make Xbox Ones stream games to Windows 8.x machines on the same WiFi network (useful when one's main television is being used for TV, one of the X1's objectives).
    12-26-2013 10:59 AM
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    Streaming games from my phone to tv(or xbox one) would be awesome, even the other way round would be cool :D I like the idea of having games like Forza in windows phone.
    12-26-2013 11:13 AM
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    Microsoft has put very expensive and laborious procedures in place to get games certified for XBL and on top of that have shown no willingness to push Xbox on WP themselves effectively killing XBL on WP. Don't hold your breath waiting for MS to push Xbox gaming in their mobile platform.
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    12-26-2013 11:18 AM
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    Granted there are problems, there's still hope in that Microsoft can (and seems to be) pushing for XBL titles on WP. There's a chance that first party and marquee titles may get XBL treatment, and while it won't be as frequent as being weekly, if they can achieve monthly I'd consider it a start.

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    12-27-2013 02:21 PM

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