12-30-2013 05:50 AM
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  1. psudotechzealot's Avatar
    LOL! where is that coming from?
    Vote what you like.
    and fanboy is not a bad thing.
    It's get bad when you start thinking like that My fav OS is superior and other else in market are inferior. You are making nonsense/insult comment on competing OS.
    In simple you are acting like some kind of Nazi fanboy. and these type of users are getting very common even on this site.

    Respect every OS because it's the result of many hard working developers.
    It was a joke.
    12-29-2013 05:04 AM
  2. Naren Parker's Avatar
    Keeping the authenticity of such a poll aside, I think its a good way to prove a point that Nokia (and WP in general) is making a huge comeback. You can call it blind fanboyism if it was in the times of the earlier ComputerWorld poll in which the finals was contested between the Blackberry Z10 and Lumia 920 and fans both sides were raping the vote button. But the market has matured a bit now. As a proud owner of a 920, the 520 still manages to amaze me with such functionality at a rock bottom price. But one thing's clear. WP has started to gain a share of the common mindset. There was this show recently aired on TV (Cell Guru, NDTV, India) in which the Lumia 720 came out as the best phone under Rs. 20k (~$350-400). I have a hunch that the 1020 and 1520 will rule the polls in the above Rs. 20k segment to be aired next week. Here's wishing my favorite brand and OS all the very best during the course of the coming updates.
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    12-29-2013 05:36 AM
  3. Dantekai14's Avatar
    It was a joke.
    next time please write this with your comments.
    12-29-2013 05:40 AM
  4. CollingwoodFc's Avatar
    I have both Lumia 1520 and 1020, also HTC ONE. So i voted them all. Glad there isn't any Samsung or iPhone. Just cant stand them.
    12-29-2013 11:12 AM
  5. davidD93's Avatar
    Sorry if people are offended by this, but I just had to quote this comment:

    "HTC should now sell d**dos after being arse-rap*d by a 50 $ phone"

    Note I have made slight moderation just in case
    12-29-2013 03:53 PM
  6. KrisJoeEll's Avatar
    12-29-2013 06:37 PM
  7. KrisJoeEll's Avatar
    Smartphone Champions League Semifinals - GSMArena Blog

    Lumia 1020 vs LG Nexus 5 & L520 vs L1520
    (L520 obliterated HTC One in the last round btw :D)
    12-30-2013 05:50 AM
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