1. TLRtheory's Avatar
    My first venture into Windows Phone 8 was the Lumia 520. It was actually a great little cheap phone, and it seemed to be one of the only ones that wouldn't cut me off from my 64GB external microSD (which was made even more awesome because Microsoft didn't think it through when they made .xap installers work EXCLUSIVELY with external-enabled phones). It had even bezels so that the screen wouldn't be off-center when held in landscape, and it was a nice-looking, slim phone. I spent a bit of time thinking the software selection of WP sucked until getting my hands on a Lumia 1020 at a Microsoft Store and learning that it was moreso that my phone was cut off from seeing damn near everything.

    The screen was subpar, but I could overlook that... the lack of front camera and horrible support for 512MB; however, drove me to seek other options... hence how I ended up with the Lumia 1020.

    It handles the software I want it to, the camera is absolutely GODAWESOME, but I kind of miss some things... namely the external storage, the more "Surface-like" form factor of the 520... and while I thought I could overlook it, the uneven bezel offsetting the screen is quite bothersome.

    What I'd really like to see is something resembling the Surface Phone concept art.

    ...or even seeing something come of the Nokia Apollo concept from 2ish years ago.

    I'll likely just stick it out with the 1020, but I'm on the hunt for something that feels like the definitive Windows Phone experience... anyone got input?
    01-02-2014 11:32 AM
  2. hopmedic's Avatar
    The Lumia 822 doesn't look anything like the design you're looking for, but feature-wise it is a good middle-ground phone between the 1020 and the 520. You don't get the OIS in the camera, but it is a pretty good camera otherwise. It has 16 GB and MicroSD support for up to 64 GB, unlike the 810 and 820. I had one last year when it came out, and got the 928 when it came out, and I've since obtained another one (gave my original to my step-daughter and the other to my wife).

    I guess it all depends on how important the design is to you, comparing the 822 to other options.

    Oh - and it does not come locked, so you can use it pretty much on any carrier.
    01-02-2014 11:42 AM
  3. Moiz Mian's Avatar
    The 820 has that boxy shape you're looking for. But I'd go for the 925 if I were you. ATT sells it for $429 unlocked and it's a beautiful phone.
    01-02-2014 01:38 PM

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