1. Psyk00's Avatar
    Is there any add on like Adblock? How to turn on favourites bar, so I could easily go to often visited pages?
    01-05-2014 12:53 PM
  2. David Hegedus's Avatar
    search google for tracking protection it is the substitute of adblock! works great!
    Official ablock: http://www.iegallery.com/en-us/Addons/Details/16161
    Right clicking on the top of IE will give you the option to turn on favorite bar.
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    01-05-2014 01:44 PM
  3. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    01-05-2014 01:48 PM
  4. greedypnguin's Avatar
    IE11 is slick, I love it
    01-05-2014 01:55 PM
  5. CopaCC's Avatar
    The infamous AdBlock Plus is now available for IE. Just go to adblockplus.org and there should be a download button.

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    01-06-2014 01:08 AM

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