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    Call me a fanboy for the underdog–seriously, but I absolutely love the idea of Windows Phone. The idea. I did previously own one, so while I used it for roughly six months, I took notes on what needs to be improved or changed. For this post, main idea is to show and sell integration, because that’s where Windows Phone needs to go to be something different and useful for people to be excited about and want.

    First, I think the adoption rate is slow because A) people have settled with what’s been available the longest–Android and iOS–and rightfully so, since they have had much more time to mature, and B) people are afraid of Windows Phone OS because it looks way different than what they’re used to. There’s always a way though! One method I can see working out to solve the fear problem is to show the similarities of WP to Android or iOS in things people do most, like making a phone call or sending a text side-by-side.

    Second, Microsoft could benefit from changing the their Windows nomenclature hierarchy. Windows is the focus of every operating system, so it should look that why when people are researching and purchasing: WindowsPC, WindowsMobile. Changing Windows 8 to WindowsPC will let buyers and researchers know that Windows is the OS and that is is for PCs, very clean in style and easy to read. Changing from Phone back to Mobile is because it’s the OS that both tablets, phones and other mobile devices will run on (watches, etc).

    All versions of Windows will keep similar look and feel to ease the users transition, making it seem seamless even though they are transitioning from completely different devices. The PC version will sell easier to buyers aiming at a touch-less screen to seem more like a classic Windows experience. Convertibles will run both PC and Mobile versions and allow the user to easily switch between the two. Tablets, phones, etc will run Mobile since that is their primary purpose.
    Microsoft can really get creative with these operating systems running off the same kernel. Let’s say I have a phone running WindowsMobile and I want to connect it to my TV or computer monitor. It could recognize the larger screen size and utilize the space by implementing the contents in the look and feel of the tablet version of the same OS. That would truly be an innovative mobile OS.

    The future is integration. People want to be able to go to one place and get everything possible. Microsoft has already made an attempt at this with Facebook, with a deep OS integration that allows sharing and status updates all without opening the Facebook app. Even Facebook Messenger can be used via the Message app! I want to see this taken a few steps further. Allow apps like Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, etc to integrate into the OS’s Phone, Photos, Messages and People apps.
    When browsing the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store (or what could be known as WindowsApp Store), users can download the original apps for Skype or Whatsapp, but their could also be an option to “integrate”. People can choose what they want to do: whether they want to download the app, integrate the app into the OS, or both.

    Microsoft needs to step up their game. They can be a really strong, tough company while also being the nice guy. 2014 is here and I’d like to give Windows Phone another shot, but only if I know that it’s headed in the right direction. These ideas are only the start of what I have to offer for a better Microsoft future.
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