1. fnanfne's Avatar
    As per subject, I can't find them.

    Yes I know the phone stores two copies, a full res in one of the many confusing "camera" apps and a 5MP one on the camera roll. I've also read somewhere that the full res pics can only be downloaded onto your PC/MAC with a USB cable using the WP software.

    The biggest photo I have on my phone (using Windows Explorer and the Application) is 1.2MB big. I'm sure this is not the full res PureView image.

    I have also set the image quality to: "JPEG (5MP + 34 MP)"

    Should I set it to "JPEG (5MP + DNG (34MP))??

    Thanks for reading...

    01-19-2014 05:19 AM
  2. nalle76's Avatar
    Have had some similar issues, this is how I got it to work on a mac. Download the separate picture transfer program from nokia website to mac (not the sync software, that did not work for .dng). I Can check the correct name later if google doesnt help you.

    Sorry for short answer, trying to write on 1020 in -20C weather.....hate winter

    E: http://conversations.nokia.com/2013/...available-now/
    01-19-2014 05:40 AM
  3. Zerveone's Avatar
    Hey Steven,

    Connect Your 1020 to Your PC, open it up (using normal file manager, just like you open your USB), go to Camera Roll folder and there You will find your full res images along with oversampled ones. They're all having "highres" added to their names. Hope this helps :)
    01-19-2014 05:41 AM
  4. fnanfne's Avatar
    Thank you.

    I now see these "high res" photos in my camera roll folder in Windows Explorer after reading your post Zerveone. (thanks for your input Nalle76 but I don't have a MAC :))

    The reason I missed them initially is because they appear to have zero dimension (0x0) where the other "normal" photos all have dimensions like 3032x1704. Is this just because of a Windows limitation?

    Anyway, thanks again...
    01-19-2014 05:50 AM

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