1. alex21074's Avatar
    Hello everyone, i recently replaced my car stereo to a pioneer x8600bh with bluetooth. The problem i seem to be having is that when the song playing ends, the next one stays at 0:00 and i have to press the pause play button after EVERY song, which gets quite annoying. I have a Nokia Lumia 920 with the amber update (no black update yet for Rogers). I don't get this problem with my nokia bh-504 headphones, but i did with my newer nokia bh-221 headphones. I don't quite understand what the problem here is? My old Nokia plays songs fine (N79) in the car, but i would like to use one phone, not two. I tried downloading nokia mixradio, thinking its an app problem, but this still persists. Anyone run into this issue also?
    02-09-2014 08:17 PM
  2. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    First question is if you're using a tile to switch your bluetooth on. I'm starting to think some apps are better than others and that some can cause issues.

    If you are using an app, try deleting it and go through settings to turn on bluetooth. Try with your headphones first to see if the problem persists after that.

    Next suggestion would simply be a soft reset and then a hard reset. You can also see about using Nokia Software Updater. I've used NSU and have done hard resets. I find NSU better personally.
    02-10-2014 02:37 AM
  3. alex21074's Avatar
    Today i noticed that the first two songs play consecutively, the third one stops at 0:00. Neither Nokia mixradio or the stock player helped me. I have performed a soft reset, will try tomorrow
    02-10-2014 09:04 PM
  4. badplanet's Avatar
    This is crazy but I have seen it with my Pebble watch app. Sometimes if a song quiets down at the end, the background music player does not know it has ended and start the next song. Does this happen after the second song on other playlists or all songs? Just a thought....
    02-10-2014 09:25 PM

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