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    Although I have been using windows phone since the beginning back in 2010 I have never used a nokia as my daily driver well this week I picked up a 1020 as my Samsung ATIV S died a watery death after I left it in my gym shorts and threw it in the wash.

    I have to say using this phone has been a strange experience, I was almost left stranded with a dead phone at work because the phone would not accept my non nokia microusb cable and generic usb wall charger plugin that connects to the usb cable, the phone would say it is charging while continuing to discharge, it wasnt until I borrowed a coworkers charger cable for her galaxy phone did the phone finally start charging and not only that a usb battery juice pack I bought from china through ebay would not charge the phone either, friggin useless, all my previous phones didnt care what kind of cable or charger I used as long as it was micro usb

    And here is another very very large gripe I have with the brightness setting, I like to keep the brightness at low while im work because people behind me dont need to see what im doing well with this nokia phone thats not the case, the phone is still too bright even at low! And when I set it to low and leave it at automatic its a little lower but if I change my environment to a different lighted area it gets bright cause its on automatic. I miss the days of my Samsung or htc phones where I had the brightness at low and it was the perfect amount of low to keep my business discreet and private, now when I use my phone at work Im embarrassed at how bright it is and so I just deal
    02-13-2014 10:36 AM
  2. weetigo's Avatar
    Reminds me of my sister. Returned a Lumia 620 to me because she said it was broken and didn't charge anymore. She had mixed up her Nokia charger with this cheap knock-off micro-USB charger that was rated with half the power required by the phone. Once she got the proper charger, she was fine.

    Short answer: Higher-end devices typically use more power. Use the proper charger.
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    02-13-2014 10:47 AM
  3. anon(123856)'s Avatar
    My Lumia 822 has never failed to charge with whatever I've plugged it into, which includes the Nokia charger, wireless charging, a USB adapter in my car and numerous leftover Blackberry and Android chargers.
    02-13-2014 11:16 AM
  4. ratsttam's Avatar
    Picked up a 925. I have dozens of chargers from my many phones of all breeds. Never had an issue. Always make sure that the charger can give the phone what it needs. Most name brand ones do, most knock off ones don't (even if they say they do, a multi-meter proves that they don't supply enough). A more powerful phone may require 500mah, a cheap knock off may only supply 250-400mah, not enough to keep the phone on, and supply a charge. WP8.1 will notify if the charger is inadequate for your device, according to the leaks.
    02-13-2014 11:26 AM
  5. foxbat121's Avatar
    A generic USB cable off a generic USB port can only supply 500mA of current max per USB standard. Most smartphones needs way more than 500mA to charge properly. Take a look at your phone's original charger. It is probably labeled 1000mA or up (some old phones require only 700ma). Without those special charger port, it is not guarantee to get charged.

    For those say you never have problem with your phone charge off a PC USB port, try it when your phone battery is almost dead. The standard 500mA USB charging is only good for trickle/topping up when battery level is still high.
    02-13-2014 12:56 PM
  6. Microsoftjunkie's Avatar
    Well, at least you'll get incognito mode soon. There was an article on wpcentral that said MS patented it. The pic (representation) showed the phone, almost like it was in a high contrast mode. I'm guessing its a way for you to see what's on your screen and others not to.
    02-13-2014 01:11 PM
  7. noelito's Avatar
    Hi guys yes I threw the generic USB female charger that plugs into the wall away, found the Motorola wall charger plugged it into the Motorola USB cable and into my phone and voila perfect charge also I'm still pretty miffed about the less than stellar control over the brightness settings, it just doesn't get dark enough when I'm at work, I'm curious about this high contrast mode you say it will also make it hard for onlookers to see? Will this come in 8.1? @MicrosoftJunkie

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    02-13-2014 08:41 PM
  8. Janda45's Avatar
    I have old blackberry chargers and my current Bluetooth headset charger that will charge my 1020 very slowly. The supplied charger cable plugged into my pc will barely keep up with the battery usage when plugged in to the phone. The best is the Nokia supplied unit so far.

    The screen on the phone is nice and bright. You only have three settings (H,M,L) or automatic. You must have some noisy co-workers.
    02-15-2014 09:04 AM

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