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    MSFT Insider shows off Windows Phone 8.1 SDK in all its glory.

    • First shows off new animations of start screen.
    • Around 0:33 Shows the tiles coming in from right part of screen.
    • Around 1:40 Also shows animation on scrolling list boxes. where the list scroll down like a screen
    • Shows sliding separate volume controls
    • Shows HTML5 in-webpage video play and new scrubbing slider and volume controls for more granular control of video plaback. Just lie in MyTube and Metrotube, tilting phone to landscape automatically fullscreens video
    • After the 5:00 minute mark, he shows the multitasking tomb-stoning and says he hardly ever gets "resuming" screens now. Swipe done on cards has already been showed off and does so in this video
    • After 7:50 he shows off new camera with burst mode by holding down ( awesome feature) and how yo9u can choose one and the others get deleted after set time, as reported by WPCentral.
    • At 9:25 you see new icons for sharing and other controls. I dig the Heart which makes it a favorite automatically. which is great for those of us who shuffle favorites on Photos Live Tile.
    • At 9:54 I see one of my favorite visible changes. Instead of a giant list of text for sharing , ICONS are now available and they're still kept minimal and still consistent with Modern/ Metro UI
    • Mentions how video is useless in SDK, which is a good thing, video app may be getting a last-minute overhaul hopefully with scrubbing and other features.
    • Around 12:00 talks about how Kids corner is almost like another user on the same phone now. Won't stop your tomb-stoned tasks when returning as adult user
    • 13:14 shows project my screen using USB or Miracast
    • Finally at 14:30+ mark they show the documentation which has recently shown us documentation about some version of backgrounds on WP 8.1 Start screen and some changes like accidental search icon pushes when watching video or full-screen content on games doesn't exit you out. A double press is required to exit out to Bing search/Cortana
    • At 15:29 he talks about the Facebook and Twitter removal fiasco. Official documentation says that they;re removing the Facebook and Twitter share feature because it shows up twice after installing apps. WPCentral has clarified that People Hub and other contracts with these two social networks along with - presumable, LinkedIn, is done through Microsoft Account Linking

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    02-15-2014 02:22 PM
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    Trying to embed. Need help
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    I did it.
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    02-15-2014 05:11 PM
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    The change with the icons is really nice (@At 9:54) !
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    02-15-2014 05:22 PM
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    LOL I came in here to post a thread with another video and found this. The video you posted blows this one away but I'll share the link anyways. Thanks for sharing this!!

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    02-16-2014 04:02 AM

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