1. trandz's Avatar
    Windows Phone 8.1 may get backgrounds on the Start screen, three column support | Windows Phone Central

    This all sounds awesome and like MS is actually listening to the consumdrs. This is sbaling up to be an update of a lifetime if all pans to be true.
    02-15-2014 03:01 PM
  2. wiggum15's Avatar
    Now only gapless playback is missing !
    02-15-2014 03:17 PM
  3. Azurus's Avatar
    Now only gapless playback is missing !
    what is gapless playback ?
    02-15-2014 03:20 PM
  4. Wilbur Lin's Avatar
    No gap between music tracks I believe?
    02-15-2014 03:31 PM
  5. wiggum15's Avatar
    Yes, something that really needs to be added, its a joke that we dont have it already. Hate does ugly gap's between tracks.
    02-15-2014 03:35 PM
  6. Raghav94's Avatar
    What gaps are you talking about?
    I'm not sure of it.
    02-15-2014 03:39 PM
  7. Stephen Pedersen's Avatar
    There's a lot that Microsoft could do to their Music App. The shuffle would be laughable if it worked poorly. However, it doesn't work at all. Also, where's the favorites? I wish they could also add playlists like Apple does for new songs recently added, or playlists for audio books. With all these problems I still like the WP experience than Android and Apple. In addition, the windows phone keeps getting better and better. XBOX music was a hiccup but I found that the newer app is much better. Also, it works great with the subscription that is necessary to make it work. It makes having only 8gigs of memory a breeze. But, if you want to throw your music on a SD Card plan to have your music files corrupt on your phone. Hopefully Microsoft fixes this problem. I still would like to have my audio books and lectures to put on my SD Card, since I don't have all that much memory. :)
    02-15-2014 03:52 PM

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