1. GENUK's Avatar
    Hi All,

    I have a bit of an issue with phones and I was wondering if anyone can help me?

    We are looking at the idea of kitting out all of our sales reps with Nokia 625's, the reason behind this was to integrate all of our sales and marketing information onto the phone via 365 so they have constant access to all of the documents to be able to show and email any documents to customers whenever required. I have been trialling this for a couple of weeks with 5 users and all has been going perfectly until a couple of days ago the Managing Director decided he didn't like the idea as each time you access a document you have to re-download it and it therefore eats up your data usage.

    Does anyone know of a solution for this where all documents can be kept on a phone locally instead of a cloud service? I cant just lump them straight into the documents folder of the phone as there are hundreds of documents and they need to be able to follow a specific folder structure in order to find the files easily

    The structure is set out the following

    Product Folder

    Product sub folders (5 per product)

    Documents are contained within the 5 sub folders

    All documents are PDF files

    The closest solution I have found so far is an app called kirik SD File Viewer

    Which allows me to store all the folders on the SD card I can view all documents and open them in adobe reader but then you are unable to email the documents as the Office Hub does not associate adobe reader files as emailable documents.

    Can anyone suggest a workaround or an alternative app/method to this problem? unfortunately my boss has also told me he doesn't wan't us to store files in the cloud and send out email links as an alternative

    Thanks for reading

    02-17-2014 06:42 AM
  2. Markham Ranja's Avatar
    None as yet, however 8.1 is apparently supposed to fix this. I'd advise waiting until it's actually released though, just to be sure it does what you need.

    <offtopic rant> Whichever pack of idiots perpetrated this at MS should be cut off from all computing devices forthwith, and forced to use a WP8 without 8.1 until they fix the many email attachment issues properly. </rant>
    02-17-2014 08:35 AM

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