1. chrisnx's Avatar
    Hey folks,

    before i start with this thread you should know, that i am an Android user (till april). After that the lumia 1520 will be mine.
    As I don't know so much like some cracks i got a few suggestions for WP 8 / 8.1.

    In my opinion there is a lot of power hidden in this system. When i see some concept videos, you can see clearly what would be great.

    So here a few things, which comes for me in mind.
    It sounds like it is now possible to change the background (an approach to windows 8!)
    First it would be great, if i am allowed to change the colour of each tile, in my own way.

    my very rough concept looks like this:

    after clicking on the brush
    link (the forum won't display this image, and the skydrive url don't work..)
    again, very rough

    One thing which bothered me, were the live tiles.
    They can do even more, much more! I had an idea in mind, but funny at all i found exactly the same idea in an concept video

    Make the Live Tile for music player really ALIVE!
    i don't mean only music.
    • In mind i have the gallery with a little slideshow (if you open the app you can choose of which folder the picture are from - think about some embarrassing picture from yourself, and people see this in the metro..)
    • the stopwatch click once and you start. (in medium just see the watch, in big you see on the right the times of each round. (stopwatch has two buttons: Round - Stop)
    • the calendar with the abbility to see threw future appointments
    • the flashlight (with changing the picture of the tile..)
    • social media -> tweets, facebooks posts, instagram etc.
    • audio recorder click on it and the record will start automaticly

    anyway if you see for the stopwatch, the one click wouldn't start the app, maybe we introduce some new gestures like double tap or, like in the video (from W-button up shows quicklaunch) .

    You see, my native language isn't english, but i hope you understand my words, anyway i see that there is a whole lot of capability in this OS with Windows 8 in the back. We should get TRUE multi task, like in the video suggested, awesome mockup! Since the operation system is called windows, let's show them how this is gonna be!

    Here just my sources, because of copyright issues, i don't know:
    Color Wizard - Color Scheme Generator - Colors on the Web

    And of course the video, watch it, and you see really nice things. The action centre is coming to us, in a different way, but i like both.

    What are your thoughts?
    02-17-2014 07:41 AM
  2. marciocattini's Avatar
    Love the ideas bro! I did a similar post a few minutes earlier but not as well presented!

    Here's my list though:

    • System wide search is still missing :(
    • Face recognition in the photo management app...
    • I would also like a Video Management app separate from the photo albuns, with video editing and youtube, social media, whataspp, sharing in general!
    • Finally, hardware LED notifications on new phones
    02-17-2014 07:47 AM
  3. paras chugh's Avatar
    i really think we'll get all ALL these features as danielrubino and tom warren both said that there are still many consumer driven features in wp 8.1 that aren't in the sdk like system wide search through cortana....the notification light through the windows key on lumias as it is written under touch settings of lumias but not added....and video management would be better as they have given devs the option to edit videos properly......and all those tile ideas would be included probably but aren't in the dev sdk as it is consumer related
    02-17-2014 08:20 AM

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