1. Cheers2's Avatar
    Hey, I've dropped my lumia 920 and took it to Nokia Care. They told me that they can't fix it (The circuit board is broken) and if they were able to fix it, it would cost about 240$ and the phone may never work again correctly. So I'm thinking of buying either the Lumia 1020 or the Lumia 1520. Everyone has its own pros and cons and I want your advice. I like the 1020 for its massive camera but I wanted it to contain the 1520's internals (2gb of ram and quad core). My perfect smartphone would be a 5 inches 1020, with the 1520's internals. The only downside of the Lumia 1520 is its size but it's camera is really good and it's way faster than the 1020 with a smoother grip. So what do you advice me to buy?
    02-18-2014 06:43 AM
  2. Ali Assaedi's Avatar
    i was at ur boat few months ago, should i wait for the 1520? or go with the 1020?.. my perfect device is exactly like urs..

    to own the 1520, i would have to wait months, and i would sacrifice the epic 1020 cam.. so i decided to go with the 1020, and wait for the new 5-6inch 1820 or wtv they will call it (41 mp camera)

    at first, the camera of my brand new 1020 was really underwhelming, felt like any other camera, with alot of bad colouring and stuff,..
    i started doubting my purchase , maybe i should have waited for the 1520..
    but with time, u start to realize how good it gets(viewing pix in the PC, and the black update increased the camera performance.. and comparing it with other devices)..

    altho the 1020 has old internals, its still performs fine, its really stable(WP8 in general), apps run fine, ... resuming apps is a bit slow(with every WP8 i guess).. if resuming apps is faster with the 1520, that would be a big plus for the 1520..

    now i want the big screen+performance .. more future proof etc(the 1520 that is ) :(

    , if i bought the 1520, yes i would have that epic screen and performance(battery life too), but deep down, i would be longing for that huge *** sensor of the 1020 :(.

    in short, u wont be satisfied no matter which u choose, u will only gain the patience to wait for the rightful 1020 successor :)

    the only downside of the 1020 vs 920, is IMO, the 1020 feels worse than the 920. alot lighter , and doesn't feel as premium as the 920(i enjoyed the construction and weight of the 920, i can kill another human being with that thing :D )

    the standard advice would be, go with the 1520, unless ur a camera freak :) ..
    the 1020 is alot cheaper now
    02-18-2014 07:43 PM
  3. Moiz Mian's Avatar
    I was also in the same situation. I was in between 1020 and 1520. I'm not sure what your situation is, but I am on ATT with a 2 year contract. After 1 year, they offered to replace it because i was having issues with my 920. So I ended up going with a 1020 because I know in 6-8 months I'll be able to upgrade again, and for now the dual core performance is fine on the 1020. Unless wp8.1 has new optimizations for quad core windows phones, you can't even tell the difference in speed. So I figured I would want the 1820 or whatever is coming out in 6 months, so I went with the 1020 since it has enough performance+41mp camera to tide me over until a proper sized replacement comes out.

    Also, I agree about the being dissapointed with the 1020 camera at first. The yellow tinge is bad and in low light it seems to be blurrier and noisier than the 920, but so I would only recommend the 41mp camera if you want to use it for professional photorgaphy. I would wait for the wp8.1 devices in april, but if you're not in a position to wait, I would recommend getting whatever is cheapest to tide you over till the new devices. Even a 520 or up to 925.
    02-18-2014 09:08 PM
  4. kwill's Avatar
    I want to wait until MWC to see what 5in option may come out for ATT. Word on the street is we'll see nothing new though. Maybe at BUILD, but not sure I want to wait even more. I'm so ready to grab a 1520. My only reservation is actually having to make compromises because of the size. No wireless charging built in also turns me off about it. Wouldn't matter which standard, just built in period. 1520 or nothing though. 1020 has one purpose...taking pictures. ;-)
    02-18-2014 11:59 PM
  5. Cheers2's Avatar
    Tks guys for your help. I've decided to buy the 1520. There's only a 30$ difference between the 1020 and 1520 from where I live. It'll cost me around 770$ with 1 year guarantee
    02-21-2014 01:57 AM

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