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    Here is the responsive email address of subway surfers developers kiloo games,draft this same email and add some variations if needed and let them know we need subway surfers game for all devices
    Email : support@kiloo.com
    Text :
    To: Kiloo Support <support@kiloo.com>
    Subject: Please take a look Windows Phone Query
    We here at at the windows phone community comprise of 80% devices with 512mb ram and your game doesn't support it, Lumia (520,620,625,720) HTC (8s) all of these devices come in this category,please support our request,We know you are a bunch of skilled yet busy developers,please make time for us and give us an opportunity to play your game. Thank you

    Here is the link to your fantastic game running smoothly on a 512mb ram windows phone,its sideloaded on a developer unlocked device
    02-19-2014 01:52 AM

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