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    I have been messing around on my Surface with MMC (Microsoft Management Console) and the registry editor trying to find some cool tweaks I can add to my tablet to make it faster and more useful to me! If you have as well on your Windows machine, which tweaks have helped you out the most?

    For MMC, I found one that can be very helpful if it's implemented as I think.
    1) search MMC and open it.
    2) File > Add/Remove Snap-Ins
    3) Select Local Computer Policy and Add it
    4) Go to [Console Root\Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update] and enable "Turn on Software Notifications". It'll notify you when there is an update for your machine.

    For regedit, courtesy of XDA-developers for this one, use this hack to increase touchscreen response time without impacting battery life:


    Change "Latency" and "SampleTime" from its default, to a lower number (As low as 1)
    Obviously this varies for every machine, so do some trial and error and find the number perfect for you. On a Surface, the OP of this on XDA said 2 was right for him, while I think 1 is good as well. Just experiment with this one.
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