1. Kibosh's Avatar
    Hey all,

    I have a question about when you select an app from the Market Place: Below is written "Requires access to:" and then a complete list with sometimes about almost everything.

    Does this actual mean that the app will send all that info to a server for someone to look into, get your info for whatever reason they see fit?

    For example the game "Words With Friends" (I just picked the first I saw) requires access to: Contacts, identity phone, location services, photo, music and video libraries, dataservices, push notification service, movement and directional sensor.

    Now I understand that some off those services are needed to make the app work, but is all that data also send over to a server or something that the company off that app can look into? Because with the example app, why should it need access to my music libraries or photo's?
    02-22-2014 04:27 AM
  2. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    My take on it - to let game override any music you may be playing when you launch the game and to save screenshots of game?
    02-22-2014 06:05 AM
  3. Kibosh's Avatar
    Ok, seems logical.

    But I wonder when it says access to photo library, that the people behind the app actualy can see my photo's if they want to? It's the privacy thing behind it.
    02-23-2014 07:38 AM
  4. foxbat121's Avatar
    With a lot ad-supported games, it is requirement of the ad control to have access to media library and a few other things. So that they can gather your private information to deliver targeted ads.

    If you give a permission to an app, there is nothing you can do to prevent the app doing whatever they can to your information. Read their privacy policy carefully and don't install apps you don't trust.
    02-23-2014 09:50 AM

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