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    With the introduction of the Nokia X family of phones and the chaos that has broken out in the past 24 hours, the following needs to be said.

    I have never seen sure immature responses to articles that are being posted by WpCentral in my life. The reason why there has been Android news on the front page is because it has everything to do with Nokia and Microsoft. Take for the instance the article that Sam posted about what Android phone you'd like to see running Windows Phone 8.1 on. He was legitimately curious about what you guys would say but over 75% of the answers were vitriolic and smug in nature. I know that this is Windows Phone Central and you guys are here because you like/love Windows Phone but the way many of you treat Android is just pitiful. It seems like most of you were harmed by Android when you were kids or something.

    I get if you don't like Android and thats fine. Everyone is is entitled to how they feel about phone OS's but thats what they are at the end of the day: phones. Its due to the competition with iOS and Android that Windows Phone is what we know and love today. I wouldn't want to live in a world where the phone landscape is controlled by just one OS. Competition keeps Mountain View, Cupertino and Redmond on their toes and innovating. There are plenty of Android handsets that I would love to see rocking Windows Phone 8.1 and with Microsoft's announcement about more lax hardware, it can be a reality.

    Thats all I wanted to say, thanks.
    02-25-2014 02:22 AM
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    I understand, but I think you might be taking these comments a tad too seriously. With the exception of posts where personal insults are hurled, which of course most of us detest and these people need a hobby like boxing to get this aggression out. But otherwise, they are just phones. They are not offended.

    This is a harmless way for WP users- stuck as the third OS in a 2 OS race right now- to vent our frustration that these amazing products are not selling better. When Nokia jumped onboard as an exclusive WP provider, most of us saw the #1 handset maker in the world at the time taking WP to amazing new places and a 4 horse race (BlackBerry was still #3 at the time and holding steady in sales) that would breed competitive balance, exactly what you want to see. Instead, we our favorite OS got the entire blame for Nokia's "demise" even though any objective mobile observer knew at the time Nokia was unprofitable, bloated, divided, and headed for a fall. Now, the release of a forked Nokia Android series and the removal of some of the hardware features that made WP special has Android and iOS fans claiming victory and laughing hard.

    WP Central is just venting. Honest, I do not want a "1 OS" marketplace at all. I want BB10 to be succesful, WP to rock it, iOS to continue being themselves, and maybe even another OS like Firefox or Sailfish to get a niche market of it's own. Heck, Android can stay #1 as far as I am concerned so long as other OS's can stay in the game. I LOVE competition and all it brings.

    Wait until April. All will be right with the world when WP 8.1 is announced, new devices start to roll out, MS finishes it's purchase of Nokia and WP fans see the Nokia name is gone but it's quality is still in place under the Lumia name, and a few of these top shelf Android devices turn out top shelf WP devices that run better on the same hardware.

    Then, Android Central will be venting.

    Excellently written thread starter, by the way. I actually do not disagree with what you had to say at all. I just see it as natural when you enjoy a product to want to defend it.
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    02-25-2014 05:28 AM

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