1. hidayat225's Avatar
    Has anyone seen the Tizen interface? Video from EnGadget.

    Looks alot like Windows Phone but more dynamic
    02-27-2014 09:52 PM
  2. xboxonthego3's Avatar
    Looks like android and windows phone had a baby almost. Ha. Looks interesting. But I wonder if or when they will actually take it to phone they will sell.
    02-27-2014 10:12 PM
  3. hidayat225's Avatar
    I think if Samsung is confident enough, they can really sell this phones if they want to. That would put Windows Phone in a lot of danger but being different from Android, this could also be a relatively tough sell. Lets hope Windows Phone mature before Tizen is announced officially..
    02-28-2014 02:44 AM
  4. etad putta's Avatar
    Lookout here comes Sammie again, trying to get Tizen n your house different ways...Samsung's troubled Tizen software ready for primetime on TVs - CNET
    01-05-2015 08:55 AM
  5. etad putta's Avatar
    01-14-2015 01:42 PM
  6. EBUK's Avatar
    What a chimera! The worst of Touchwiz, with a nightmarish livetile-widget hybrid.

    That said, with Samsung electronics beginning to be shipped with Tizen as the interface of choice, they could have the momentum needed to rouse interest in the phone.
    01-14-2015 03:11 PM
  7. Ralph Ellis's Avatar
    Samsung is looking for something to sell at the low end of the market that reduces its dependence on Google. If Tizen can run on low end specifications, it could be a winner for them. Curiously Windows phone could do exactly same thing for them but without the development costs. The Android royalties issue though blocks that option for now. If that barrier is removed, then Samsung might have a new option for developing countries. Tizen development has been a real sinkhole of money so far. Since Microsoft no longer charges
    the OS, it could be a cost effective solution for low cost smartphones.
    01-14-2015 03:32 PM
  8. tiziano27's Avatar
    Tizen is interesting. A simple and easy to use UI, familiar to Android users, the mobile OS with best performance in low-end hardware. The problem as always are the apps. Tizen supports Android apps through ACL, but until now the only Android app in the Tizen store is WhatsApp. I doubt developers are going to adopt a fourth platform with almost no users, so It seems Android apps is the only way forward. As the adoption increase Samsung would have to pay or develop the apps for the most popular services, because every time the user launches an Android app, the best feature of the OS, performance, suffers.

    According to reports, Samsung sold 50.000 Tizen phones in ten days. If that's correct, BlackBerry and WP are in trouble.
    etad putta likes this.
    01-31-2015 01:47 PM

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