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    Most of this is a reply I gave linking1990 on his post against skinned tiles and now it's a reply to many others against it

    They are a lot of people that love the skinned tile idea. I am one of them. At first I didn't, now I do. I support those who are asking for the ability to ALSO have background images behind the tiles but for those that only that(behind the tiles) to be the only possibility, I show no support

    The reality of it is that, with the skinned tiles, better customization is achieved. Only a few pictures can work behind the tiles but a lot can work as skinned tiles. No offence to your concept but it looks too busy and the homescreen does indeed look cluttered.

    Imagine if someone wanted to use a picture of her baby as her background picture. Behind the tiles, it would just be pointless. With the skinned tiles it would make more sense.
    Let me just post an example of a picture with the skinned tiles and one behind the tiles
    https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.n...71272517_o.jpg (credit to windows phone lovers for the picture)

    You cant even tell what the hell is behind the tiles in the first picture. Let's be real, more casuals would be pleased with the second than the first. Matter of fact, I showed the picture to a lot of android users and they said that it (the second option)is actually so cool.

    With skinned tiles, like many have suggested, you can even go as far as creating a custom accent color!

    Some negative comments on the skinned tiles and my argument against them:
    -It's plain ugly:- Beauty is subjective so a lot of people disgree with that.
    -Long picture:- The background would be stationary while the tiles move (That's what I understand)
    -Clutter the homescreen:- IMO, pictures behind the live tiles would make the startscreen look a lot more cluttered
    -Step closer to unifying the OS:- OSX and iPhone/iPad are quite unified but have a different look(OSX and iphones/pads
    -Users can choose from "preset" wallpapers:- The whole point of this is to increase customization. Using preset themes defeat the purpose especially when they can implement it in a way where i can use my pictures and see them fully on the screen
    -Android and IOS have icons infront of the wallpaper:- Isn't WP supposed to give a better experience. Can't WP brag that instead of having your photo covered by icons an tiles, you can have it very visible on the start screen?

    Bottomline, skinned tiles seems to be the better of the two options(at least to me and many others). I would support options but not when it involves me losing what i like permanently

    03-03-2014 01:33 PM

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