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    I know that it is impossible to have virus for wp 8 because the marketshare isn't worth it and it's very secure. But I have one case to report. I think we all know the flash player update redirect virus that has been going on for a while, done some research and it was some kind of rootkit. My computer got it and I used malwarebytes too clean it up. However last night I went into facebook using facebook app by PopularMobileApps, which basically used an internet browser to access facebook in a better way (not an in app facebook kind-of app)and I was prompted that my flash player was outdated and redirected straight to the fake update page. I quitted the app right away and this problem is now permanent. What do you think about it? This is a very famous app (in my country at least) so I don't think it's on their side.
    03-14-2014 10:06 PM
  2. Jazmac's Avatar
    03-14-2014 10:46 PM
  3. peterdavidson99's Avatar
    You cannot remove a redirect virus with simple quarantine. It is important to remove them from roots and for the same you need to delete associated files/software/codes present in windows control panel/drives/registry. Look for any such stranger app in your computer and delete them. Delete associated files and apps. When this is done clean your registry, cache, cookies and web history. Remove plugins from web browser. And at the last perform advance system scan with some strong application such as Malwarebytes (https://www.malwarebytes.org/), Immunet 3.0 (http://www.immunet.com/resources/protection.html), F-Secure (F-Secure ANTI-VIRUS | Advanced protection for your PC | F-Secure), Avast (AVAST 2014 | Download Free Antivirus Software for Virus Protection) etc. Hope this helps.
    03-21-2014 07:08 AM
  4. Pete's Avatar
    Peterdavidson, the information you provided here is irrelevant in this case. Windows Phone does not run Windows.

    diego, it looks as though you clicked on an advertisement link in that Facebook app that redirected you toward what may be malicious content. The problem isn't permanent. You just need to close down the relevant browser tab in Internet Explorer on your phone.

    It might be worth raising this at the support site for that app and asking them to validate the adverts being served up within their app.
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    03-21-2014 07:26 AM

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