1. premsta's Avatar
    Phone: Samsung Ativ S Neo on Sprint.

    As of this morning, I have been unable to sync my gmail on my phone. Checking my e-mail via the web, I see new e-mails there, but my phone endlessly shows "Syncing..." and never syncs. My office mail, on the other hand, still does sync, so I know it's not a general connectivity issue.

    I have tried restarting the phone to see if this would clear it up...no joy.

    I was wondering if anyone else was having this same issue.

    04-01-2014 09:55 AM
  2. troylytle's Avatar
    Check your Gmail and see if 2-step verification is turned on.
    04-01-2014 10:07 AM
  3. premsta's Avatar
    I do not have two-step verification turned on. For the rest of yesterday, gmail synced ok, but today, it is again failing to sync my e-mail.

    04-02-2014 04:04 PM
  4. kobongkobong's Avatar
    You're not alone...
    04-02-2014 04:25 PM
  5. AlwaysColtron's Avatar
    Was going on for me this morning as well. I tried re-syncing, deleting and re-adding the Gmail account all together. I left it alone and about an hour or so ago it started working again. Not sure what went on but it was a big issue today I know. Maybe something was being updated by Google because of 8.1 coming up?
    04-02-2014 04:39 PM

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