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    I watched the video with Joe introducing Windows Phone 8.1.
    If you guys haven't watched it, the video is here (at 12:00 mark):

    Joe shows how the WP 8.1 and W 8.1 can sync settings like the theme colors and stuff, and he showed that the W 8.1 will display the new accent color after he changed it on the WP 8.1.

    So now my question is, if we change the accent color on Windows 8.1, will Windows Phone 8.1 be able to "sync" and show the new accent color?
    Since there should be a lot more accent colors to choose from on Windows if I am not mistaken...
    Would be cool if WP 8.1 can get the same color so technically we can have more accent colors.....

    Just a thought, although we could always make a colored picture to use as live tiles background now, so it probably not much of a problem XD
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    04-03-2014 08:38 PM
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    sync should work vice-versa , yes windows 8.1 has more accent colours , but its my thought that if you choose a blue colour on windows 8.1 it should set cobalt on your windows phone (it will try to find something similar ) or sync might not work when we change colour from windows 8.1 because colour options from windows 8.1 aren't available on windows phone 8.1
    cant say much since dev preview for windows phone isn't out yet
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    04-03-2014 09:11 PM