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    Don't get me wrong the cameras love a handsome devil like myself and I enjoy taking high resolution low light selfies as much as everyone here, I think the cutting edge smartphone camera technology on the 1020, 1520 & Icon are excellent features to differentiate Nokia from other OEM's namely Android loaded OEM's. However having said all this, a 41mp (even 20mp camera) or Xenon flash are more of a niche feature than a smartphone with excellent battery life. An easy solution for Nokia to expand and diversify their WP product lineup without having to spend millions in designing entirely new phones would be simply for Nokia to offer the 1520/Icon/930 variants with larger capacity batteries in place of the high end camera. A 1520 could feasibly hold a 4,500+ mAh battery if they just put in the 8.7mp camera from the 920/925/928 instead of the 20mp camera. The cameras are great but more people cite battery life over camera specs when choosing a new smartphone. Nokia could still sell the 20mp model flagships, I'm just saying an increased battery capacity variant would sell well and be an attractive feature to complement the existing flagships. Would you rather have a 20mp camera you occasionally use or a high capacity battery that's relevant to your everyday smartphone usage? There's a sizeable market for this feature in a phone, as the Droid Maxx has proven.
    04-06-2014 07:27 PM
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    Good thoughts there!
    Thank you and by the by welcome to WPC.
    04-06-2014 07:50 PM

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