1. johnz87369's Avatar
    I got all excited just now because i Just tot a message to download a new update, downloading as i type. imediatly went here to see the News but to My surprise there is none, am a the first or is this some small update to prepare for 8.1 and I'm getting all excited for nothing?
    04-07-2014 04:26 AM
  2. lkishor's Avatar
    Which country what update, can you describe, as i am from India, i ain't seeing any available update
    04-07-2014 04:33 AM
  3. johnz87369's Avatar
    The Netherlands, I can't tell what version it was since in my excitement I quickly pressed download and install, Il update here if its the real deal or not.

    Looking at the famous spinning wheels.
    04-07-2014 04:36 AM
  4. ca_guri's Avatar
    Have u enrolled for the developers preview just now? Because after enrolling for the developer preview program we got a minor update in GDR3 version.
    04-07-2014 04:52 AM
  5. johnz87369's Avatar
    **** that's probely it , :P. there goes my excitement .
    04-07-2014 04:54 AM
  6. johnz87369's Avatar
    Yea that was it, sorry guys, false alarm.
    04-07-2014 04:56 AM
  7. ca_guri's Avatar
    Hahaha.... It's ok dude.. That was because of excitement ...
    04-07-2014 05:04 AM

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