1. kuau's Avatar
    So I downloaded the "Preview for developers" and then ran Phone Update, it downloaded a bunch of things phone rebooted and installed the update, yet my phone is still running ver 8.0.10521.155

    Did I do something wrong ?
    04-11-2014 11:05 AM
  2. anon(7900571)'s Avatar
    no that's .155 update seeded by Microsoft in 2013 for dev preview participants . its still the same GDR3 update with bug fixes and improvements.
    04-11-2014 11:08 AM
  3. kuau's Avatar
    So for now on the 8X this is it? Do you know when 8.1 will be available for 8X?
    04-11-2014 11:51 AM
  4. anon(5579515)'s Avatar
    So for now on the 8X this is it? Do you know when 8.1 will be available for 8X?
    Early next week, probably Monday 10am PST.
    04-11-2014 11:54 AM
  5. zman_11's Avatar
    I downloaded it last night. Working well so far.
    04-16-2014 01:56 AM
  6. Aditya shingade's Avatar
    Check Update once more , I had one update before 8.1 ,then i checked again and i got 8.1
    and see if your "preview for dev " app has your microsoft account registered , and your microsoft account should be registered to windows phone dev center and store
    04-16-2014 09:36 AM
  7. gapost's Avatar
    I'll tell you all what. I got the 8.1 installed on my wife's Verizon 8X and it's working great. The three rows of tiles look great on the screen. I did a hard reset and no backup after installing it. Anyhow, I have an Icon and I'm really impressed by the speed and smoothness of the 8X. If it was just a little bigger, I would use one for my everyday phone. Love the design and awesome sound for music.
    04-19-2014 11:45 AM

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