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03-30-2016 06:41 AM
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  1. Adretheon's Avatar
    Try searching for Cortana on cortana and see if you can pin it that way
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    04-14-2014 06:27 PM
  2. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    Change region. Language. Read forum posts and sticky and front page article explaining step by step.
    04-14-2014 06:30 PM
  3. Andrew Churchill's Avatar
    The wallet app won't open. I'll click it, and nothing will happen. It's been like this ever since I updated, which is a problem because I used it all the time!
    04-14-2014 06:35 PM
  4. chrisscannibalism's Avatar
    My default podcast app won't open! It's like it didn't even download or something. I just did a hard reset & it still isn't opening. Would there be a link so I can get it by any chance? Please & thank you!
    04-14-2014 06:37 PM
  5. fallback's Avatar
    I have no cortana in application seting and everytime i turn it on it automatically turns off and there is no app installed on the app list, I already tried changing the language and region, even changed my microsoft region but still no signs of Cortana :(
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    04-14-2014 06:38 PM
  6. barneybhoy28's Avatar
    I have the same issue no feckin live tile lol
    04-14-2014 06:42 PM
  7. noknok79's Avatar
    i noticed bugs or its because im using preview, was not able to add other for notification action?

    and so sad, they've removed direct Facebook integration? it also removed direct viewing pictures on my FB contact/friends, you need to launch FB apps instead? huhuhu :(
    04-14-2014 06:44 PM
  8. rendell ray's Avatar
    volume bar missing and the all music app i have(Audiotica, official music app, radio player, not working
    after you pressed the down or up on the volume, tap the down arrow key on the upper right corner
    04-14-2014 06:49 PM
  9. dorelse's Avatar
    Sure. That documentation you can find on It's called "common sense" - see if you can find it. Will be a worthy read.
    No no, you're the mod who called members of the forum 'lazy' for following the process documented by Microsoft...accept responsibility for your words and labels.
    04-14-2014 06:55 PM
  10. Mr Lebowski's Avatar
    I hugely recommend a hard reset after the install. It is always the case with Dev Preview or any WP update. A hard reset post installation will fix most of these "bugs".
    I didn't do it with Amber/GRD2 nor with the Preview for Developers and GRD3 with my 810.
    Microsoft doesn't say it's necessary & if you're not having issue -and I had no issue with those two updates -"always the case"
    I think not, but if you're having issues, it "might" help.
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    04-14-2014 07:04 PM
  11. The Skizzle's Avatar
    So I performed my 3rd hard reset. This time, I chose not to turn on wifi or sign in to my Outlook account. After all was set up, I deleted all HTC apps. Turned on wifi and left the phone locked for over a half hour. Turned back on with no problems. Signed in to Outlook and locked phone for a few minutes. The problem with unlocking and wifi crashing are back.
    04-14-2014 07:20 PM
  12. mihirt7's Avatar
    I cant seem to find the + button next to the word when I type a word. When I highlight it doesnt show anything, tried swiping to the left (nothing).
    Tried different apps like onenote, whatsapp,outlook etc, still nothing..
    Also tried resetting custom dictionary. Has anyone seen this issue, if so how did you fix it?
    04-14-2014 07:20 PM
  13. anon(8150199)'s Avatar
    The find my phone option in the settings list doesn't work, when you tap it you'll get back to the settings page.
    04-14-2014 07:21 PM
  14. Akash Patel's Avatar
    I don't know if this is a bug or issue going on.
    Apps are not getting automatically updated.
    Any body have this problem?
    When I force check for updates it says "already checking for updates"I am getting this message from last night
    My wifi was on last night still none of the apps got updated.
    04-14-2014 07:21 PM
  15. Reyhan Pradantyo's Avatar
    The live tiles for mixradio and 6tag are not updating
    04-14-2014 07:21 PM
  16. mikey2toes's Avatar
    After the update to 8.1 my app store is not working.
    04-14-2014 07:28 PM
  17. SPS828's Avatar
    Cortana not working in US.
    04-14-2014 07:40 PM
  18. cbreze's Avatar
    Working on getting rid of this error pop up which I get every time I go into my mail. I'm receiving my Gmail just fine, just can't seem to get rid of this annoying pop up.

    wp_ss_20140414_0001.jpg (97.4 KB)
    Attached Thumbnails wp_ss_20140414_0001.jpg  
    04-14-2014 08:09 PM
  19. gapost's Avatar
    Power button delay is killing me. I have an Icon and it's about 2, maybe 3 seconds to turn on. Before 8.1 it was instant. Most disappointing bug on this update.
    04-14-2014 08:15 PM
  20. gomes920's Avatar
    Working on getting rid of this error pop up which I get every time I go into my mail. I'm receiving my Gmail just fine, just can't seem to get rid of this annoying pop up.

    wp_ss_20140414_0001.jpg (97.4 KB)
    I think I have this error everytime I change my account password. All I've done to fix this is to update the password for that account in my Windows Phone. It usually works.
    04-14-2014 08:15 PM
  21. husslord's Avatar
    So far the two main issues I have run into on my ATT 1520....the power button or volume rocker doesn't respond and when I wake my phone up and its says "resuming" and takes a few minutes....did a couple of resets and will see how it goes.
    04-14-2014 08:17 PM
  22. dorelse's Avatar
    Any other HTC users notice their HTC tile, that the Time isn't updating? Uses the last reboot time and stays there? Its 8:24CT, and my HTC tile says 5:07pm which was the last reboot after uninstalling Weather.
    04-14-2014 08:25 PM
  23. BuckeyeCelt's Avatar
    Has anyone been able to sign on to their MS account on their phone that has 2 factor turned on?
    04-14-2014 08:27 PM
  24. Mohit dutta's Avatar
    i had this problem too.... for me it was becuase the brightness was set to automatic ...try changing the brightness
    hoe that helps
    04-14-2014 08:32 PM
  25. Matthew Mason's Avatar
    I've got the same issue with my default podcast app, also saw a separate forum post with someone else that's got that issue.
    04-14-2014 08:40 PM
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