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    Hey All,
    Soooo...I dropped my Note 2 into water the other day and it's now dead.
    I'm SOL because 1: I'm still in my contract with Verizon, 2: Any warranties are long gone, and I didn't buy a protection plan of any sort.

    I have about $200 or so to spend on a non-contract phone, and looking on eBay for brand new, no-contract phones it seems like the HTC 8X will be the best choice for me. It's either an 8X, a slow obsolete/old Android device, or an iPhone 4 or used 4S (ugh). I am open to other suggestions for other WP devices as well.

    Before I get my feet wet in the world of WP, I have a few questions about the app environment on WP (how well does it translate from Android to WP?):

    Games: Getting one thing straight, I don't really play stupid games on my phone like many other people seem to like to do nowadays. I had a handful of games on my Note to play with, Flow, Dots, Words With Friends, and Tetris, but that's it. But these few games, would be there be comparable apps (even paid ones would be okay)?

    The Google Issue: I use like Google services, and I understand that Google has locked out most WP users from using their services on their phones in lieu of MS and Google being competitors in the mobile space. Would there be good replacements or 3rd party fronts for Google Maps, Drive, and Gmail?

    Personalization: I am one that like to extensively personalize my system. I put 3rd party launchers on Android and rooted my phone to put a custom ROM to make it work the way I want to work. How deep does personalization go on WP with 3rd party apps even though, IMO, I think that the typography and flat design of WP is absolutely gorgeous and wouldn't want to change most of how the phone looks?

    Power Users: I liked the fact that settings could be changed from a widget, is this possible on WP? I also liked the fact that I could tether my phone to my laptop without incurring the fee Verizon charges for using their hotspot service using PDANet. Is there an equivalent on WP? One last thing that isn't totally app-related, but I was wondering how syncing content would be like from WP to my Windows computer. Does the system treat it like a USB device as on Android or is there a propriety program like iTunes to handle syncing?

    ***Spotify***:What I use most on my phone would be Spotify, pretty much every day. But I understand that Spotify on WP isn't all that great and is lagging behind it's iOS and Android counterparts. I would *like* to have as seamless as an experience as it was on Android, (having playlists offline, using Radio) but I dunno. If any Spotify users on WP can chime in, that would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for your help. I hope transitioning to WP will be as painless as a process as possible using your advice!
    04-14-2014 06:06 PM
  2. ven07's Avatar
    Apps are getting better :)
    04-14-2014 06:20 PM

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