1. Jfive1182's Avatar
    I Just received a couple of updates from Sprint which updated my Samsung Ativ S Neo software to wp8.1 :excited!!!!!
    04-14-2014 07:42 PM
  2. rell0614's Avatar
    I'm with sprint as well! I have the HTC 8xt windows phone. How did sprint give you an upgrade so early? Or did you download the preview of windows 8.1? Please respond! I'm dying to upgrade my phone to 8.1 it looks fantastic!
    05-19-2014 03:15 PM
  3. beachedwhale42's Avatar
    Pretty sure that was the dev preview. Note the timestamp of the post, and Sprint's website is showing that the Ativ S Neo's last update was in February.
    05-19-2014 05:56 PM
  4. rell0614's Avatar
    Yeah, that's why I was confused. I want to try the developer preview, I'm just a little nervous that my phone will mess up or I'll have to hard reset or something. I don't want to deal with that, but I also don't want to wait for another month to get the official update. I've seen reviews online from people saying their 8xt works just fine, to others saying theirs kept rebooting. Also, sprint customers have been posting that their Samsung ativ is working smoothly with no problems at all. Maybe I'll keep researching until I make a final decision.
    05-19-2014 06:48 PM
  5. beachedwhale42's Avatar
    Yeah, keep reading through the threads. It's different on each device, but at least Sprint confirmed they'll do an official 8.1 release for 8XT and Ativ S Neo this summer, that way you'll be guaranteed to get 8.1 drivers and whatnot. Seems like most people, even with the bugs, have been happier with 8.1 dev than 8.0 official.
    rell0614 likes this.
    05-20-2014 09:48 AM
  6. Jfive1182's Avatar
    I apologize it was a preview for developers sorry folk lol!!!
    09-03-2014 05:12 PM

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