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    Correction. Battery life is 25% worse.
    Please post or pm any issues with the update. I really want to update in the next two hours.

    A user who trust you with tech help
    Ok I will.
    For right now the 521 is very stable.

    Notifications work on the lock screen and start screen.
    Wi-Fi reconnected after the update.
    My G-Mail and Yahoo mail accounts had to be re-authorized.
    Just a re-logon of the accounts.
    Added a background on the start screen and the 3rd row of tiles.
    Cortana is a lot of fun for now.

    For me I like the new photos.
    It's organized much better.

    I had one app not work after installing.
    It was Rebooter one my favorites.
    Notified the author and uninstalled it.

    The new phone store is really nice.
    Better organization
    You see your purchases in the app (yay)

    Storage sense is a biggy.
    In here you can put allowed apps and downloads on SD now!
    I uninstalled and reinstalled a few from the phone reinstalled to the SD.
    Brought my free space on the phone up from 4.17 Gig to 4.89gig!
    Not all apps can be installed on the SD for now.
    I think the app builders worry about decompiling and piracy.

    All games are now on the app list.
    For me I'd rather have my games in the app list.
    Settings has a bunch of different things in there.
    I'll have to dig around in there to find out more.

    I downloaded and installed this on 2 phones at the same time.
    The 521 took just tad longer than the 925 for some reason.
    Time from developer preview app update all the way thru to restart into the home screen was around 27-30 minutes.

    After installing you'll get a few attention needed notifications for things like Wi-Fi sense.
    Wi-Fi sense with your permission switches to open Wi-Fi past any start page automatically.
    Just tried it at a deli we go to...tapped on search and it came right up connected.
    Just like being home...very nice!

    If you decide to go ahead have a full charge and sit the phone near the Wi-Fi router.
    8.1 is a very worthy upgrade on any WP8 phone I'll say...been fun finding things so far.

    I want to check out the browser features next haven't looked there yet.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Thank you very much for the detailed reply!!! I will pm if anything else comes up. Thanks again

    Programmer for Robotics Team 253
    Mitchell Pon
    Good luck Mitchell
    I'll be here.

    Many thanks to Jim. I'm experiencing no lag yet.
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    This. Right. Here. Separates Android and Windows Phone! :D You can't get that kind of performance with a low end Android phone. :)
    04-14-2014 09:14 PM

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