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    This came up longer than i expected)

    Alright, so I updated to 8.1 in morning almost right after it came out and honestly not very happy with it.. I haven't used much of anything from it..tried background and Cortana but nah I don't like them.. There are many things I and many if you do not like about it..bugs, bugs, bugs and lack of some basic things.

    Just check the "DO NOT like list" I started right after I got 8.1. everybody is complaining about FB, music and photo hub, and many other little things. basic "data connection" is not available for notification center, even wifi -you press on it it goes to settings.

    Since the update I'm charging my phone (928) for 5th or more times it dies very fast. Used to hold day or two easily

    When some ppl updated to GRD3 with the same method (preview) it ended up being final update. The rest including me got it from carriers months after. So is this also going to final version or we can except update very soon, to fix this shame bugs. I read the official update is coming to in few month only, will we really have to wait that much?
    04-14-2014 10:41 PM

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