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    Hello,i spent much time looking for the sound notification tickbox in sound settings that was present in wp8, and...HAVEN'T found it...why in the 'world' they would miss out such a useful setting,at least for me, for example i want to hear just the ringer or mail, these being more important in my opinion than Fb,Whatsapp,Viber,(or what's everybody using) and so on. I know that i can go into the advanced sound settings and manage every app,but it takes too much time to turn them ALL off or on.
    I really don't know why didn't create something like 'profiles' like in old Nokia phones,to manage at least the settings for 'home', 'work' for example,and not beeing forced to go thru all menus to get that done.
    Please don't get me wrong...i like windows phone very much ,but this is a basic feature,and at times whan i'm in a hurry or something it's kind of a dealbreaker for me. I donk't know who made the decision to leave out this feature...but i think he/she was really tired :)))) just kidding...OR NOT :)))
    You can vote here...or not :))
    turn off all notification sounds by unchecking a tickbox in sound settings,like in wp 8.0 (wp 8.1 developer preview) – Feature Suggestions for Windows Phone
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