1. Tony Saragosa's Avatar
    After upgrading to WP 8.1 on my Samsung Ativ S, and starting to use the XBOX video app instead of the previous 8.0 Music+Video hub,
    the aspect ratio isn't what it used to be when using the hub.

    this is where it gets a little complicated :-)
    I record Late night TV shows on my Desktop and watch them on my phone while going to work on the bus. (Daily Show, Colbert, Conan)
    Using Media Center (Win 8 Pro) they are recorded in SD (SD PCI TV Tuner, SD Digital Cable Box (Rogers))

    As with most shows now, they are in widescreen, even in SD, so they are wide but in a 4.3 frame. (black bars on top and bottom, as well as sides of screen)
    In the morning, I copy and paste the recorded shows .WTV files to my phones SD card's video folder, Windows 8 asks me to convert them (WP does not play .WTV files), I click yes, and it converts them to .WMV (I believe)
    When playing in the Music+Video hub, the videos would of course play in widescreen in the 4.3 frame, however, I could zoom in, and the video would be perfect (or near perfect) to the edges of the screen without any image stretching, while cutting off the black bars on the bottom and top, as well as the sides.

    Now with the Xbox video app, I play the video, and zoom in, there is stretching (ie people look too thin), and missing parts of the frame on the bottom.

    Is this an issue MS would look into? Or anyone know of an app that will crop and convert the .WTV files to a WP compatible format quickly so I can transfer them to my phone?

    I also miss the reverse and forward buttons while playing the video, I found it easier skipping over commercials in the recorded file, then pressing the slider and guessing where to un-press my finger.
    04-15-2014 05:13 PM
  2. BIGPADDY's Avatar
    Seem to be an bug/glitch with the Xbox Video itself you could try using MP4 however I don't think this will make a difference.

    Also try a soft reset hold the power button and volume down button until it vibrates if that doesn't work you can always try a hard reset.
    04-15-2014 05:20 PM

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