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    So it's established that the new, or rather old, xbox music app on the wp8.1 update is pretty bad. But one feature that was somehow taken in and out of WP updates is the "top playlist" option which is usually found alongside the "top artist" and "top albums" options in the marketplace store.

    Now that music downloads are done by the app, and not the integrated store app, i can't find "top playlist" anymore. Anyone know if this was moved around in the phone? Or has it disappeared again?

    For example, I usually just play the "Electronic Daisy Carnival 2013" playlist, since its just convenient without having to download all the songs there, and it's been near the top of the list for a while. Now because of the update, I can't find these public playlists, and I'm having a hard time remembering all the song names. Any suggestions?

    Here's an example of how it looked like before:

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