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    I too am having terrible battery life on my Nokia 920. Some people went from 1.5 days to like 8 hours, well I went from 2 days to 3 hours. My phone has died today twice, and that's mostly because it takes about 6 hours to charge it now. However, as a constructive measure I can make a suggestion for people that this is affecting. If you have VS2013 installed, open up Windows Phone Developer Power Tools and record CPU, Pool, and Power usage. When I did this, I see roughly a constant 15% CPU usage of svchost. This is not normal. Especially when you consider, this was calculated during idle just sitting on my home screen. Hell, the background process, was only using 3%. Why is svchost using that much cpu time? Thoughts?
    04-16-2014 12:38 AM

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