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    Anyone having issues with the "Awesome Lock" and 8.1? I was using it for awhile, had problems in the past, but felt like it was fixed! I had it running Monday when I updated to 8.1, but yesterday my phone was getting real buggy, freezing, when I went to unlock it, the screen would say "resuming" then either I would have to close it by hitting power a few times or it would freeze. It got a lot worse yesterday as the day went on!
    I checked the "Sticky thread for bugs and no one reported anything like this....especially the "resuming" part. I did a few soft resets.
    I then finally did a hard reset. Never did one before, and was shocked how easy it was! Just was concerned about my contacts, and they were fine! I am noob to the dev. preview and even doing a hard reset on a windows phone! Done them on Androids, and that can be hit or miss!
    However, so far so good!! KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!!!! I always had problems with "Awesome Lock" in the past, and decided to stay with Amazing Weather HD for now. I am using a 1520 off of ATT. So cross fingers, just wondering if I am the only one with this issue with the "resuming" when unlocking my phone and if or if its "awesome lock" apps issue not working properly with 8.1 and if so anyone recommend any good lock screen apps for weather, appointment/calender reminders?
    04-16-2014 08:24 AM

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