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  • 2 Columns

    53 18.40%
  • 3 Columns

    225 78.13%
  • Widgets

    5 1.74%
  • iPhone icons

    5 1.74%
07-21-2014 01:30 PM
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  1. abel920's Avatar
    I prefer 3 Columns because it makes my phone look HD like it's supposed to. 2 Columns look very awkward, the tiles are so big, and it makes the screen looks so "narrow". Which team are you on?
    04-16-2014 08:02 PM
  2. CharlieBoy1894's Avatar
    3 columns! Because it takes up the whole screen and makes it look more awesome 🙆
    abel920 and oditius like this.
    04-16-2014 08:05 PM
  3. AV2RY's Avatar
    Checked 3 columns. Tiles were very small and went back to normal..the normal (2) seemed way too went back to 3. The most frequently using apps I made middle size, 3big, the rest is small. I wish whatsapps pinned contact could also be big sized, its bit smaller than I had on 2 columns (format/look)
    04-16-2014 08:15 PM
  4. Xpider_MX's Avatar
    iPhone icons are so Windows XP...

    I prefer 3 columns:

    04-16-2014 08:17 PM
  5. prateekj1993's Avatar
    2 columns only because I have a Lumia 620. One of the times when I regret its small screen
    04-17-2014 12:05 AM
  6. KrisJoeEll's Avatar
    3 Colums. FTW.
    04-17-2014 12:08 AM
  7. Bten's Avatar
    Preferred 3 columns.

    909 using Tapatalk
    04-17-2014 12:17 AM
  8. atherosxd's Avatar
    I prefer 3 but i clicked 2 columns but it should be 3. makes my screen look lng FHD and i can see many tiles! haha
    04-17-2014 12:24 AM
  9. Kram Sacul's Avatar
    2 columns. 3 columns looks like a minature city on my 820.
    04-17-2014 12:52 AM
  10. randomscandinavian's Avatar
    When I first saw screenshots of three columns I thought it looked horrible. To the point of not wanting a newer Windows Phone. Then it arrived for my Lumia 920 as well and I discovered that it looks a lot better in real life. And it is a lot more practical.

    As for a new phone I no longer need to buy one. It came in the form of a download. :)
    abel920, oditius, SpaceyO and 3 others like this.
    04-17-2014 02:21 AM
  11. imbasaurus's Avatar
    At first i thought 3 columns was ugly on my 920 as the fonts was small, but then after some time with it, i became used to it and end up loving i
    04-17-2014 02:23 AM
  12. mike13ftw's Avatar
    3 columns on my 820 . They look awesome
    04-17-2014 03:53 AM
  13. Rasetech's Avatar
    Which facebook app do you use mike13ftw?
    04-17-2014 04:19 AM
  14. Davingtons's Avatar
    Definitely 3 columns on my 920. I thought the text on 3 columns would be far too small, but its actually very readable.

    Going back to 2 columns looks huge!
    04-17-2014 04:27 AM
  15. CharlieBoy1894's Avatar
    Hey the fb app is from microsoft. But there's an app called Transparency Tiles which makes the xbox, here and some social apps like fb and twitter transparent. Look it up on the store :)
    04-17-2014 04:33 AM
  16. mike13ftw's Avatar
    Which facebook app do you use mike13ftw?

    I use the stock one and made it transparent with system tiles
    Myles Sampey likes this.
    04-17-2014 04:34 AM
  17. Rasetech's Avatar
    04-17-2014 05:20 AM
  18. Adam Loh's Avatar
    04-17-2014 05:33 AM
  19. rculver9056's Avatar
    3 here too. Mainly medium with a couple of doubles and a few small.
    Makes the screen look prettier, I think lol. Mostly transparent as well. Loving this new stuff!
    04-17-2014 05:37 AM
  20. Ahmad Aleid's Avatar
    based on your phone really, if you are going large as I did (Lumia 1520) then 3 column is the best thing for it
    04-17-2014 06:22 AM
  21. Pustovnik's Avatar
    I prefer 3 colums all the way - Nokia Lumia 625
    04-17-2014 06:33 AM
  22. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
    #Team2Columns I can't seem to get used to three columns... Lumia 920.
    xandros9 likes this.
    04-17-2014 06:36 AM
  23. SwimSwim's Avatar
    Three columns is beautiful, been jealous ever since it premiered on the 1520. Have it on both my 1020 & 520, very happy.
    04-17-2014 06:36 AM
  24. Darth_Bane's Avatar
    My Lumia Icon being a larger phone already had 3 columns and because of the display size, the 3 columns works rather nicely.
    04-17-2014 07:23 AM
  25. SwimSwim's Avatar
    Does the ICON (or 1520, for that matter), let you enable two column support of you please? Or are you forced to keep the columns? I personally wouldn't do it, but choice and consistency are good, and some people would appreciate the larger buttons (older folks come to mind).
    xandros9 likes this.
    04-17-2014 07:30 AM
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