1. Soumavo Maitra's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    I have a Lumia 520 running in wp 8.1 dev preview. So far its really flawless and I am loving it. But I am facing a weird problem with notifications(Mostly with 3rd party apps). I am not receiving any toast or banner notification from any specific app and the notifications are also not getting visible in the notification centre. I tried soft reset several times but afraid of giving a hard reset. When I am restarting my phone I am getting all the notifications one by one and it is working almost flawlessly but after sometime same thing happens.

    I know there are threads regarding these issues but I think my problem is kinda different.

    So if you guys have any suggestion then please help

    04-20-2014 10:50 AM
  2. Nimdock's Avatar
    [S]The apps for which you want to receive notifications need to have toast notifications enabled or it won't work. Do you have them set up to pop toast notifications? (Having live tile notifications is not enough).

    Once you receive the first normal toast notification for an app it should get added to the list in the action center where you can decide if you want to see the banners or not, sounds, etc., etc..[/S]

    Edit: never mind. I am sorry. I didn't read correctly. You are saying they only work correctly right after a restart. Hum, I don't know in that case.
    04-20-2014 10:57 AM
  3. Piedro92's Avatar
    I am having this exact same problem too. What I'm guessing it has something to do with my phone being locked while the notifications are received. If new messages arrive as I am using my phone it is working correctly. Are you having the same issue?
    04-20-2014 11:04 AM
  4. Nimdock's Avatar
    You probably already checked this. But have you taken a look in battery sense to make sure the apps are allowed to run in the background?

    I am just trying to come up with any ideas since I can't really think of anything.
    04-20-2014 11:07 AM
  5. Tansen's Avatar
    Have you tried uninstalling the apps and then reinstalling them after the WP8.1 update? to be honest I don't use a whole lot of 3rd party apps with notifications, so I can't say for sure that they work for other people. The built in apps work flawlessly though. Hope it fixes, or the devs need to update their apps.
    04-20-2014 11:07 AM
  6. Soumavo Maitra's Avatar
    I mostly use facebook messenger and WhatsApp. Both giving Same problem. All those apps are allowed to run in background. I even tried reinstalling the apps but that didn't helped
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    04-20-2014 11:15 AM
  7. boshkop's Avatar
    I have the same problem, but thought its only me.
    04-20-2014 12:22 PM
  8. Soumavo Maitra's Avatar
    Donno if its a bug or not. But as far as I know both wp 8 & 8.1 have same app management and all wp8 apps are free to run smoothly on 8.1. So it may not be a coding problem.
    04-20-2014 12:45 PM

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